Leeds United Podcast #30: Yankee Go Home

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In what was supposed to be the final podcast of the 2010-2011 season, the team gets together to reflect on a positive end to the season. Wins against Burnley and QPR proved to be too little too late, but at least it’s a happy note on which we can head into the close season. And it’s certainly better than choking in the playoffs again, eh Billy Davies?

The lads examine the immediate departures, as the cannon-armed giant Richard Naylor is bid a fond farewell, and the handsome Higgs leaves for pastures new. Things aren’t looking great for either Fede Bessone or Mike Grella, so the team wonder where they will pitch up next. At least there’s better news for bandage-sporting Paddy Kisnorbo, who makes a welcome return to the fold.

‘Fortune, That Favours Fools’: TSB Analyses Leeds United’s Accounts

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We got the latest batch of Leeds United accounts from Companies House as soon as they were available, but didn’t understand a word, so we asked somebody who knows about these things what they mean. Our money-minded friend (who also happens to be a Leeds fan) made things as clear as possible for us, but all is still not quite crystal; the interconnections between Leeds United Football Club, Yorkshire Radio and Leeds City Holdings are difficult to unwind, especially as the information given in the publicly available accounts appears to be as minimal as is legally possible. Our man has had a good go at it though, and so here in bullet point form are the things you, as a supporter of Leeds United Football Club, probably ought to know about our finances:

An Open Letter To Ken Bates

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Dear Mr Bates,

In your programme notes for the match against Nottingham Forest you wrote about the Government’s ongoing football governance enquiry. Following Shaun Harvey’s appearance, the spotlight of this enquiry has become firmly fixed on you and the opaque offshore ownership structure at Leeds United, and it now appears that you wish to deflect the focus from yourself and onto various independent fan’s organisations and collaborations by demanding transparency from all.