What Ken Said – 27.10.12 – Castles In The Sky

Fax ManWhat Ken Said

Taken from the end of LUTV’s interview with Leeds United’s current owner Ken Bates today… Ken Bates: What I can tell you is, matters are progressing but it is not being helped by people who are trying to cause trouble for some reason. I’m particularly curious about a fellow called Duncan Castles. He’s a gentleman that lives in South Africa … Read More

What Ken Said – 06.10.12 – Don’t Blame Me

Fax ManWhat Ken Said

Taken from the end of Yorkshire Radio’s interview with Leeds United’s current owner Ken Bates today… Ben Fry: Chairman, can we finish with an update on the investment? Is there anything you can tell us? Ken Bates: Well I’d like to Ben but as I’ve said before the confidentiality agreement, which seems to be a bit one-sided, it makes it … Read More

What Ken Said – 22.09.12 – Takeover Update

Fax ManWhat Ken Said

Taken from Yorkshire Radio’s interview with Leeds United’s current owner Ken Bates today… “This investment… negotiations have been going on for too long and we all know that. There have been points arising which we have been resolving but I think I should start off by pointing out that our potential investors, let’s call them that, they have problems because … Read More

POSITIVE ACTION MOVEMENT: When Ken Bates Took Over His Homeland in 1968, Noel Lloyd Led The Fight To Take It Back.


We published the story of Noel Lloyd and Positive Action Movement in The Square Ball magazine in November, and now we’re putting the full text permanently online at TheSquareBall.net/Noel-Lloyd.

It’s an incredible story, that follows Ken Bates’ rise through the Lancashire construction business to become chairman of Oldham Athletic, where his schemes for corporate facilities and restaurants, the increased ticket prices, the insulting remarks about fans in his programme column, and the club radio station, will all sound sadly familiar to Leeds fans; to Rhodesia, where Bates had business connections, and where he took Oldham on a summer tour in 1965 and was photographed with Prime Minister Ian Smith, in spite of United Nations Resolutions that imposed economic and diplomatic sanctions on Smith’s “illegal regime … [ruled by] a racist minority”; and then to the British Virgin Islands, where Bates was on the precipice of a success that would be worth almost £200million in today’s money and leave him owner not just of a business, but of an island the size of Manhattan, for 199 years.

Takeover: Faith, Hope & The Leeds United Paradox

The Square BallLeeds United

As the curtain mercifully fell on the season in late April we entered the most welcome summer in living memory. Of course we have become accustomed to the off-season being thoroughly unenjoyable, as we clumsily stagger through the dreaded transfer window like an early-hours drunk trying desperately to find any willing suitor to join us on our forlorn journey home. … Read More