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What’s up my good dudes,

It’s Flora here, writing to you from Lyme Regis. Do I in Dorset? Yes I do.

I’m enjoying a week away with my family so it’s going to be a super brief edition of 31/7 this week so I can get back to drinking Rattler and whooping their arses at Bananagrams.

Then next week? Next week I'm going to Australia. For the World Cup! And you'll be hearing more from me than ever. Right now you can listen to me talking on BBC Radio Leeds on Wednesday evening about the Lionesses' chances at the World Cup — click here and skip right to 31m55s to hear that.

If that's still not enough, this is more Abbie Brown than me, but you can read my big longread-style interview with the try-anything Leeds United striker in the TSB Summer Special. It's 164 pages for £8 and full of loads of other good stuff, and you can get one by clicking here.

It’s a little bit overcast as I write this, but it should be brightening up soon, and yesterday I found a fossil that looks a little bit like a sunflower so overall I’m quite chuffed with how it’s going so far 🤝

I’ve not been wired into the footie mainframe this week, but sport does tend to follow you around like a bad smell so I’ll share with you some of my vague observations from the last few days.
  1. Beth Mead describing Nick Kyrgios as ‘misunderstood’ in an Instagram post depicting their first meeting was silly. The Aussie tennis star is generally regarded as one of sport’s biggest brats. This is mostly fine, because don’t we like to be entertained? However, he’s kind of rude and more importantly admitted assaulting his ex-girlfriend last year. Beth has since deleted the post.
  2. Elsewhere in rude Australians... the cricket drama was really funny and I’m happy it happened. If you didn't see - Australia’s Alex Carey threw the ball at the sticks when Jonny Bairstow stepped absent-mindedly out of his crease to get the super-batter out of the game. Within the rules, outside of the gentleman’s code. Hilarious! Once I had finished enjoying the outrage, I liked reading this piece by Jonathan Liew about English people thinking they're better than everyone else.
  3. Alexia Putellas’ pink hair is absolutely stunning and I read a rumour on Twitter that Katie McCabe is going green for the World Cup. I’m HERE for it.
  4. In doing some research for the 31/7 World Cup preview mini-zine - landing in a Leeds pub near you SOON! - I learned that Germany striker Alexandra Popp has completed a three-year apprenticeship to become a zookeeper.
  5. Young England defender Esme Morgan is, as it turns out, a massive cutie
  6. OL Reign have been practising their headers and volleys. How often is a goal scored AND assisted by a noggin??
  7. Rachel Daly is following in Mary Earps’ annoying footsteps and releasing a bang-average piece of clothing. Boooooo.
  8. England had 23 shots against Portugal, scored none. Am I panicking?? NO!
Enjoy July and I look forward to catching you up properly soon.

Flora xx
Flora is enjoying an ice cream on the beach

The Square Ball 2023 Summer Special

The cover of the TSB Summer Special 2023, featuring Abbie Brown of Leeds United Women photographed by Lee Brown
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  • DJ Emily Pilbeam speaks to Moxco
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31/7 logotype in purple and orange