Anthony Crewdson

David White running so fast his hair his being blown backwards!
Smiling at the table
Thirty years ago, Howard Wilkinson swapped David Rocastle for David White. Anthony Crewdson remembers a high speed player with more to offer.
an image of Brenden Aaronson holding a football and Max Wober holding his head
Anthony Crewdson on Premier League dreams, loan clauses and unfulfilled promises.
A black and white image of Marcelo Bielsa against a moody black backdrop
Why do we do it?

When studies show losing means more pain than winning means happiness, what about Leeds United, asks Anthony Crewdson.

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A photo of David Rocastle in Leeds United's 1993/94 Thistle Hotels-sponsored home kit
Five into four

David Rocastle was perfect for Leeds, writes Anthony Crewdson, but so was the midfield already.

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Frank Strandli playing for Leeds in the 1992/93 home shirt
In the fan club
Frank Strandli was the next David Hirst, the new Eric Cantona, and a striker Anthony Crewdson remembers fondly for all he was.
Mateusz Klich in a training bib ahead of his final appearance, and getting a guard of honour as he leaves Elland Road
Jumping Minis
Goals, assists, and then the extra. Anthony Crewdson on how Mateusz Klich followed in the car-hurdling leaps of Duncan McKenzie.
Little Willy Gnonto celebrating against a backdrop with the top half white and the bottom half third kit orange
The big short
Wilfried Gnonto is that latest short striker at Leeds who can, says Anthony Crewdson, make a big impact.
A montage of photos of Jesse Marsch
He's only human

Anthony Crewdson looks ahead to a season of subtle but important changes, as Jesse Marsch makes his mark.

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Jesse Marsch standing in front of a microphone, like always, against the backdrop of a USA flag, not like always
Turn it down

Underdogs always want to shout, but Anthony Crewdson is wondering if that’s what Leeds need.

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An illustration of Marcelo Bielsa hugging Pablo Quiroga, making his glasses all wonky
Giz a hug

We won’t get a trophy for it, but Anthony Crewdson says securing a third season in the Premier League could be Bielsa’s biggest success.

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A collage of three Marcelo Bielsa's squatting, for treble the intensity
Losing my religion

Bielsa’s Leeds haven’t looked like the team we’ve known. But, writes Anthony Crewdson, Bielsa has a plan for that: repentización.

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Radrizzani at an airport
'Ey up, Radz

A chance meeting on a flight, and a chance for Anthony Crewdson to share a talisman with United’s chairman.

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One reason to support England

Whatever people’s views of England at the Euros, writes Anthony Crewdson, Leeds fans had someone to unite them.

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Photographs by Lee Brown
Don't Cry

We’ve missed Elland Road, but Anthony Crewdson says our home as we know it will soon be part of our past.

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Live With Being Poor

While Super League proposals measure football for its revenue, Leeds United have a human richness that’s harder to find.

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The Square Ball