Changed It All: Leeds vs Liverpool, 21st August 1995

Tony Yeboah’s powerful dipping volley into Liverpool’s goal cracked the crossbar and it cracked time, dividing history into before and after, reverberating through both, leaving nothing in the stories of Leeds United or Anthony Yeboah untouched by the arc light of that one goal.

Saturday 13th April, 1991

No Leeds fan who remembers losing 5-4 to the reigning champions at Elland Road wants to let go of the memory.

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The Last Word: Peter Lorimer

Remember what Peter Lorimer gave us: goal after goal after goal, celebration after celebration, the ball hitting the net and our limbs hitting the air.

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Manchester City 1-2 Leeds United: A Madman Has A Team

Nobody should be surprised now if Marcelo Bielsa wins the Premier League with Leeds United one day. Leeds is where it all comes true. A man is a madman until his ideas triumph, Bielsa once said, or until he moves to West Yorkshire.

Back Home: Man City vs Leeds, 13th January 2001

“Now, for the first time, O’Leary has to cope with things going against him,” said Alfie Haaland. “He can’t hide behind all those little phrases of his anymore.”

Believing in Peter Lorimer

Seven of the best attacking footballers in the world are waiting for your pass. And you shoot.

Fulham 1-2 Leeds United: Feel Real

There aren’t many teams celebrating the pointlessness of playing football, minimising a game’s risks by embracing all its jeopardies, making matches so interesting and full with happenings. But there’s Leeds.