Moxcowhite • Daniel Chapman

Jackie Harrison celebrating his goal against Brighton, looking like a press cutting from the 1950s, with Wilf Gnonto, who looks ready to bite his ear off
Our own yard
The source of Elland Road's anger was not in how this game was played, but in how this game came to be played this way.
Fans queuing at Elland Road for the 1910 FA Cup semi-final between Barnsley and Everton. Lots of them are using umbrellas, because it's Leeds
Eat up
The FA wanted to make football a success in the north. Leeds, writes Moxco, was a problem.
A goalkeeper making a save at Elland Road in the 1950s. We were rubbish in the FA Cup then, too
Reserved tickets
Suddenly, everyone in Leeds wanted to watch association football. So, writes Moxco, the club found a way for people to do just that.
Two of Hannah Platt's photographs, Original Fisheries and Woodhouse Moor funfair
Cheeky connection
Hannah Platt's photos of Leeds, chronicling a city that in their pictures is always doing something, even if it's something very still or very silly.
Georginio Rutter watching the skies, waiting to see how high Jackie Harrison is going to put this one
Hit it
This is what Leeds need. A ball bouncing back to Rutter when he messes up, so he can smack the rebound in properly.
Javi Gracia at Stamford Bridge, doing some old fashioned pointing and shouting
Bad habits
This is what relegation scraps are like, and they're like this for weeks. And then it's summer.
Junior Firpo leaning over with his hands on his knees at the end (I assume) of our defeat to Everton. He was actually good in this game which makes me think we have to lose for Firpo to play well and vice versa
Now what?
Am I deluded for imagining Junior Firpo can inspire Leeds to surge up the table? Maybe. But that's all the hope on offer.
Angus Kinnear and Andrea Radrizzani looking worried back in May 2019. This was actually taken at the first leg of the play-off semi-finals, away to Derby, when we won, so I don't know why they looked so worried
Lost in charge
We've got an answer to what a post-Bielsa Leeds looks like, and it's a mirror image of the pre-Bielsa Leeds.