Leeds United 0-1 Brighton: Midwinter

Bielsa’s Leeds are bad in winter. Open your curtains: does it look like winter out there? Exactly. Now look at Leeds trying to play football against Brighton. But not for too long. See?

Tottenham 3-0 Leeds United: You Know The Scene, Very Humdrum

When the football year begins with a humdrum defeat in line with the form book and the transfer market, it’s a reminder that this is the Premier League in 2021, where attention wanders easily from the pitch to the timeline.

West Brom 0-5 Leeds United: Against Nature

Last night’s Premier League results are an embarrassment for the greatest league in the world: three 1-0s and a 0-0. Except the Leeds game. Even accounting for Burnley’s sinkhole opposition, there have been 21 goals in the Peacocks’ four festive matches. And what goals!

Leeds United 1-0 Burnley: Results Business

It has been a hectic week — month — lifetime enduring the reaction to Leeds United visiting Old Trafford and doing the one thing that ought to have united the world of football: losing.

Thursday 25th December, 1924

Christmas is a time of goodwill to all people, but if you happen to be playing football, you can forget it.

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Wethers & Deane

Our rivalry with Manchester United might have cooled while we spent the 1980s apart, but promotion flung us together.

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