Wednesday 14th February, 1973

The centenary of the Scottish Football Association was not being observed with dignity.

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The Last Word: Rodders & Raffa

Raphinha is dazzling the Premier League as one of the finds of the season. Don’t imagine, though, that Rodrigo is doing nothing.

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Leeds United 1-2 Everton: Whirling

Marcelo Bielsa is one manager opposing players must want sacked, bags packed, out of the Premier League. His gruelling murderball sessions are notorious, but that’s his own squad and their own business.

Leicester City 1-3 Leeds United: Old Spice

There was shock, in Bielsa’s first few months at Leeds, about the way he took the squad immediately to the top of the Championship. They still haven’t found their limit.

Leeds United 0-1 Brighton: Midwinter

Bielsa’s Leeds are bad in winter. Open your curtains: does it look like winter out there? Exactly. Now look at Leeds trying to play football against Brighton. But not for too long. See?