Thursday 3rd June, 1971

The Fairs Cup gave Elland Road the only competitive Leeds United or City fixture ever played there in June — until 2020.

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Trevor Cherry

We look for our sporting heroes in success, but that’s not always appropriate at Leeds United. It’s not why we revere Trevor Cherry.

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Norman Hunter

You miss Norman Hunter at Leeds, because so much of Leeds was him.

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The Square Ball Week: Double Session

Tyler Roberts has made Leeds United’s strongest case for finishing this Championship season, putting it in a new way this week.

Trevor Cherry

Trevor Cherry was Leeds United’s captain, and if you squinted a little, you could see a resemblance to the great skipper he had played alongside in the good times.

The Square Ball Week: Without Us

It feels wrong to say that football can’t come back too soon. It can, and if recent reports of plans for bringing the top leagues back to training and matches are confirmed, it will. It’s good to make plans, and everything being discussed, whether it’s about three-week mini preseasons or a 56 day target to […]

The Square Ball Week: Counting House

Leeds United’s accounts for the 2018/19 season have the hashtag nofilter honesty of a celebrity posting on Instagram in the third week of coronavirus lockdown to ask if they should, relatably, shower.

Saturday 4th April, 1970

Until the middle of March, Leeds United’s 1969/70 season was almost perfect.

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