Rob Conlon

Billy Bremner kicking a ball, in front of the numbers 61/62, and another image of John Charles playing for Juventus
Throwing tea cups
Don Revie had an inkling, but few others knew what was at stake. At Newcastle in 1962, writes Rob Conlon, Leeds faced the most important final day in their history.
Two photos of James Milner next to each other: on the right, the spotty teenager in a Leeds shirt; on the left the bearded veteran at Liverpool
Sick everywhere
Brighton are proof it’s possible to be a sustainable Premier League club and still have fun. Give ‘em a biscuit. But please don’t give them James Milner.
A picture of Mateo Joseph shouting about how happy he is
Play(ed them) off (the park)
Missing automatic promotion might be the best thing that could have happened to Leeds Under-21s
Joel Robles has been photographed not looking particularly calm, having a big old shout with his arms spread, but Rasmus has just scored so it's fine
A bit daft, a bit mad
It says a lot about Leeds right now that the goalkeeper practising pull-ups on the crossbar before facing a penalty is the one asking for calm.
Sam Allardyce standing next to the fourth official at the Etihad, angry about something, holding his arms out as if trying to measure his anger
Bucking bronco
After a bull was accidentally let loose at a rugby league match, I'm wondering if that's the best way to make Premier League games more fun.
Angus Kinnear and Andrea Radrizzani looking worried back in May 2019. This was actually taken at the first leg of the play-off semi-finals, away to Derby, when we won, so I don't know why they looked so worried
Responsible Radz
If the appointment of Sam Allardyce feels a bit Mike Bassett, that's because they've both worked with Bradley Walsh as their assistant.
Fans in the South Stand communicating with their counterparts in the Leicester end regarding a replay of the Foxes' disallowed goal on the screen behind them and it's implications for their parenthood, morality, etc
An awful lot of fun
Jesse Marsch spent a year thinking he could change Leeds’ habit of doing things the hard way. Twelve months on he was consumed by stress and unemployed. I’m not sure if that reflects worse on Marsch, or us.
Liam Cooper on the pitch at the end of the Liverpool game, with a face like a ruined holiday
Stay away
I picked a good time to leave Leeds for a holiday. Unfortunately, I picked a terrible time to come home.
A photo of Howard Marks, aka Mr Nice, with a collection of news clippings and files next to the headline 'Mr Nice in Dirty Leeds'
Hanging out
Where does someone with 43 aliases go to be himself? Leeds, as Rob Conlon explains.
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David Wetherall trying to get the ball against PSV
1995: Leeds 3-5 PSV
PSV didn’t have Ronaldo, Leeds did have Yeboah. And there were goals, writes Rob Conlon.
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Dom Poleon definitely not to blame for any misfortune befalling Watford's goalie in this action image
2013: Watford 1-2 Leeds
Watford needed a win. Leeds didn’t need anything. The rest was predictable, at least to Rob Conlon.
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