TSB Podcast #132: Phil Hay

We’re joined by the YEP’s Chief Football Writer, Phil Hay, to discuss everything Leeds United.

Leeds United 2-4 Derby County: Over, Again

Football, to Marcelo Bielsa, is a permanent state of painful defeat, occasionally reduced briefly by wins that are only a prelude to another defeat.

TSB Podcast #130 Taco Bill

We’re four-eighths through the tie and a raucous Elland Road awaits Frank and whatever is left of our injury plagued squad, as Wembley beckons.

TSB Podcast #129: Christa Ackroyd

The season came to a withering climax at Ipswich, but it’s onwards to the playoffs and another meeting with Frank Lampard’s Derby County.

The Square Ball Week: Cleaning Up

Marcelo Bielsa has never looked or sounded more like a Leeds fan than when he was using Salim Lamrani’s arm to demonstrate the strength of different punches, trying to establish what level of violence the FA finds acceptable against a Leeds player.