Australia Week

Terry Venables, pointing, as if he's just walked past Mark Bosnich drinking brandy and smoking a cigar the night before a game
The Wizard of Oz
Maybe Venables’ time in charge of Viduka, Kewell, and Okon as Australia manager can tell us what could have been at Leeds.
Joel Griffiths playing for Australia, before Kevin Blackwell ruined his life
Below the belt
Kevin Blackwell described waiting for Griffiths' international clearance as "close to a violation of human rights", then ruined his World Cup dreams by not playing him anyway. It's a wonder they didn't get on better.
Neil Kilkenny isn't shouting at Ken Bates in this picture, but he might be thinking about it
Killa vs Bates
"I did blow a kiss. I can't stress enough that it wasn't to the fans. He [Bates] didn't blow a kiss back — he just sat there with a stony face."
Jacob Burns wearing Leeds United's beautiful yellow Strongbow shirt
All yellow
The point is, the lad loved a tackle and a scrap.
The Square Ball