Blog 2021-22

Jason Pearce playing for Leeds with his head bandaged, like it always seemed to be
Oooooo this is decent
Being Leeds United captain used to be a very different job. If you weren't telling Sam Byram what socks to wear to training, you were telling Ross Killock to stop licking the floor.
Artwork of Kalvin Phillips standing in front of the Eiffel Tower, only on holiday though
Je m'appelle Kalvin
If Kalvin Phillips absolutely has to go, wouldn't you rather see him go to PSG than Manchester City? And if not, what in the holy name of Gary McAllister is wrong with you?
Samu Saiz, snogging on his mind
Swapping spit
Bad news from Spain: Samu Saiz has been swapping spit again. But, good news from Spain! This time everything was fine because Samu was kissing a referee.
Marc Roca in a Bayern Munich shirt, with the expression of a man who has just heard the stole the 1975 European Cup
Ooh, football friend
Rasmus nutmegging World Cup winners, Jesse practising his kick-ups, Roca being a son of a bitch. A glimpse into Leeds United's future, from the past.
Kalvin Phillips and Raphina, with arrows pointing presumably to their destination, Leeds
Raise you
We’ve often been the victims of unfair transfer deals, but as this transfer window opens, we’re in charge.
A collage of Gareth Southgate with his arm around our Kalvin, next to our Kalvin getting treatment during England vs Germany
Medical failed
If Man City director of football Txiki Begiristain is reading, I’d load up Football Manager and get looking down the shortlist mate.
We've put Raphinha's head into a USA '94 sticker of a Brazil player cos it's cool
Don't touch what you can't afford
Raphinha has done his job for Leeds and Brazil, now he just wants to go on holiday and let Deco do his job. Thankfully, that sounds more difficult than Deco first thought.
100 tired Leeds fans posing in front of the Gary Speed mural, holding a banner of Gary Speed and another for Andy's Man Club, around 90 miles into their 92 mile walk
Here we gooooo-oh
No amount of training can prepare you for the mental challenge of watching another man cut off a blister plaster and start gipping over his own feet.
Carlos Corberan, with Marcelo Bielsa, who is pointing at a nearby kennel
Going to the dogs
If Bielsa wants to make it easier for Leeds fans to get over him, he's going the right way about it.
The Square Ball