Fulham 1-2 Leeds United: Feel Real

There aren’t many teams celebrating the pointlessness of playing football, minimising a game’s risks by embracing all its jeopardies, making matches so interesting and full with happenings. But there’s Leeds.

Drive: Fulham vs Leeds, 7th December 2002

When did it become, “a crime to be witty, charming, amusing and an intelligent advocate”? asked Terry Venables’ friends. There were plenty of those, but Olivier Dacourt wasn’t one of them.

West Ham 2-0 Leeds United: Back Pages

If God doesn’t exist, how do you explain miracles? But then, if God does exist, why won’t they grant Leeds a miracle win in London?

To The Other Side

It’s a year since our lives endlessly changed. But thanks to Leeds United, we’ve been going through it all together.