Given Love

When Newcastle’s new technology was no match for Leeds

Leeds United 5-2 Newcastle United: Exhale

Harrison and Alioski were left face-to-face in the changing rooms on Friday night as the team played on without either of them. This was their moment, embracing, forehead to forehead.


It’s been difficult to articulate exactly why everyone seems to fail between the sticks at Leeds. Until Illan Meslier made it obvious.

Chelsea 3-1 Leeds United: Treasure

There’s no point trying to take moral or ethical high ground about Chelsea’s expensive squad when our club are desperate to rush headlong down and join them in the foothills.

Testament: Chelsea vs Leeds, 13th December 1997

“Obviously George Graham wound them up before the game,” Chelsea defender Frank Sinclair said later, “because they came out and they were trying to kick us all over the gaff.”