Ipswich Town 1-0 Leeds United: Ill Behaviour

An avoidable incident is not avoided, goalscoring chances are not taken, a situation is not defended, and a winnable game is not won. Leeds United didn’t do much wrong at Portman Road, but they didn’t get much right either.

Birmingham City 1-0 Leeds United: U-G-L-Y

This was worse than losing ugly: this was losing hideous. Losing grotesque, losing atrocious. Losing repulsive, frightful and wicked. Losing wretched, miserable and bad. Losing grisly, losing loathsome. Losing stinking, revolting and sour. I mean, I could go on. I have an excellent thesaurus.

Burton Albion 1-2 Leeds United: Old School Glory

There ought to be a damn good explanation for not beating Burton Albion 5-0 within an hour again, because a 2-1 win makes it look like Leeds United have only got worse since that glorious afternoon.

Leeds United 1-0 Hull City: Always There

Pablo Hernandez chipped Alan McGregor, and it was agony at the northern end of the ground, watching the ball to see where it would drop — in the net, or in among the scarves in the South Stand.