The Extra Ball Podcast

The Extra Ball #018

We run the rule over all Wilko’s signings, from Whitlow to Sharpe and everyone in between. Just who was Mark Humpries? Crunch time approaches in Soccer Supremo, but what will the Directive cards deliver this time? We answer the question posed by Allan Clarke: would Revie’s Leeds beat present day Manchester City?

TSB Podcast #137: Jack Quark

The 2019/20 season is officially underway and the first signings have arrived.

The Extra Ball Podcast

The Extra Ball #017

There’s a taste of Hollywood glamour about this episode of The Extra Ball, as we assemble a cast for the Leeds United movie. Moscow finally receives punishment for his financial shenanigans in Soccer Supremo as your directive cards start to shape the game and more!

TSB Podcast #136: Monobrow

Still no signings at Elland Road, but we’ve got a social media follow and that’s what we’re clinging onto.

The Extra Ball Podcast

The Extra Ball #016

We lived the dream and now we have to pay the price – so said Peter Ridsdale in one of the most toe curling press conferences in the club’s 100 year history, on the day we sold Woodgate. Because Woody’s back in the news we give it the Gogglebox treatment.