Leeds United 1-1 Liverpool: Something To Watch

I wonder what part Leeds United plays in the minds of the people behind the European Super League. Our last sixteen years is the exact scenario the Super League is designed to avoid.

Manchester City 1-2 Leeds United: A Madman Has A Team

Nobody should be surprised now if Marcelo Bielsa wins the Premier League with Leeds United one day. Leeds is where it all comes true. A man is a madman until his ideas triumph, Bielsa once said, or until he moves to West Yorkshire.

Fulham 1-2 Leeds United: Feel Real

There aren’t many teams celebrating the pointlessness of playing football, minimising a game’s risks by embracing all its jeopardies, making matches so interesting and full with happenings. But there’s Leeds.

West Ham 2-0 Leeds United: Back Pages

If God doesn’t exist, how do you explain miracles? But then, if God does exist, why won’t they grant Leeds a miracle win in London?

Leeds United 0-1 Aston Villa: Relegation Brain

This was football still fighting relegation in the top half of the Premier League; Sam Allardyce’s paranoid style, stopping a game from happening at all costs, aiming for an away point, hoping for more but not daring to try getting it.

Leeds United 3-0 Southampton: Half The Story

Personally, tactically, against their individual opponents, against the ball or the pitch or fate, Leeds United always have challenges. But this squad, in Bielsa’s phrase, always has resources to recover.

Wolves 1-0 Leeds United: Modelling

Here went another decent night’s work undone because football is a stupid game and unfair and everyone cheats except Leeds. From the pre-game lightshow for nobody to the new graphics on the Premier League ball to Fosun’s billions behind Wolves to VAR. I blame and hate them all.