QPR 1-0 Leeds United: The Chances

Victor Orta needs to sign somebody else and Marcelo Bielsa needs to play them, and the new player needs to score goals. There’s your optimism: that it really could be that simple.

Leeds United 0-2 Sheffield Wednesday: The Glory

Even if Leeds sign Che Adams on Monday they will lose other games this season. Elland Road will be like this again before May: the players hurt, physically and emotionally; fans leaving, clouds gathering.

Arsenal 1-0 Leeds United: Back Again

Leeds United proved against Arsenal that they won’t enter the Premier League with failure on their mind. Now they just have to get there.

Birmingham City 4-5 Leeds United: Not Now

To witness history is a good thing, but tell that to the witnesses of the Hindenburg disaster, or the witnesses of Birmingham City versus Leeds United at the end of the year of our lord 2019.