Tottenham 3-0 Leeds United: You Know The Scene, Very Humdrum

When the football year begins with a humdrum defeat in line with the form book and the transfer market, it’s a reminder that this is the Premier League in 2021, where attention wanders easily from the pitch to the timeline.

West Brom 0-5 Leeds United: Against Nature

Last night’s Premier League results are an embarrassment for the greatest league in the world: three 1-0s and a 0-0. Except the Leeds game. Even accounting for Burnley’s sinkhole opposition, there have been 21 goals in the Peacocks’ four festive matches. And what goals!

Leeds United 1-0 Burnley: Results Business

It has been a hectic week — month — lifetime enduring the reaction to Leeds United visiting Old Trafford and doing the one thing that ought to have united the world of football: losing.

Leeds United 5-2 Newcastle United: Exhale

Harrison and Alioski were left face-to-face in the changing rooms on Friday night as the team played on without either of them. This was their moment, embracing, forehead to forehead.

Chelsea 3-1 Leeds United: Treasure

There’s no point trying to take moral or ethical high ground about Chelsea’s expensive squad when our club are desperate to rush headlong down and join them in the foothills.