Living in Interesting Times

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Throughout 2015, Dylan Thwaites, then chief executive of Leeds Fans United, was talking to the club’s then owner, Massimo Cellino, trying to convince him to let the fans buy into the club. Then, in October, Cellino agreed — and offered LFU the chance to buy the whole thing. Here, by Dylan Thwaites, is how it happened.

Do First Impressions Matter?

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The live press conference was a new way to introduce a new manager. But what impact did that have on our early impressions? And has pre-season changed that?

Hard Habit To Break

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For a while it looked like Garry Monk was the man who would break Leeds United’s Championship habit. What happened?

Living The Dream

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Dreams are different now to what they were when Ridsdale was in charge, and buying Elland Road back is part of a dream coming true.