The seventh issue of The Square Ball’s 30th season is available to buy now online — but for obvious Covid-19 related reasons, we won’t be selling it outside Elland Road, at least not for a while.

Thank you to everyone who made a special effort to pre-order this issue and help us set our print run. You can still order copies online, or get a half-season subscription, and we’re keeping some copies back for anyone who wants to pick one up when things are back to something like normal and we can go to Elland Road again.

£1.50 for the digital version or £2.50 (plus postage) for a paper copy gets you 72 full-colour pages of brilliant Leeds United related words and pictures, from some amazing writers, artists and photographers. You can buy individual issues from us here.

Free to read from this issue is this report by Anthony Crewdson from behind the coronavirus lockdown in northern Italy, with contributions from a local Leeds fan, former president of local team Como 1907, and Gaetano Berardi. You can read it without a subscription.

TSB is a proper magazine, for Leeds fans, that was has been shortlisted eight times for The Football Supporters’ Association Fanzine of The Year Award. We’ve won twice, so it’s got to be worth two quid, right?

For one pound a month digital subscribers get a pdf version of the mag, all new articles online, and access to more than 80 back issues, going back to 2009. Get all the details about subscribing here.

Subscribers can read all the new articles on our website, handy on the phone on the bus to the match or when you’re skiving at work.

Just log in and go to Subscriber Articles from the menu, or follow the links below.

Don’t forget we have loads of quality merch for sale, from hoodies and sweaters to t-shirts and mugs with ¡LEEDS CARAJO! on them — as used by Marcelo Bielsa. Don’t miss our new Leeds Fighter mugs, either. Get all that here.

We’ve a new podcast too — as well as the TSB Podcast, we’re doing The Extra Ball every week. Details on that are here.

Thanks as always for supporting The Square Ball — we hope you enjoy reading the mag. ◉

(cover artwork by John Tregoning)

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