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It’s a proper magazine, for Leeds fans, that was shortlisted for the seventh year in a row for The Football Supporters’ Federation Fanzine of The Year Award. We didn’t win (congratulations to Arsenal’s The Gooner), but we’re the only fanzine to have been shortlisted every year of the award, so it’s got to be worth two quid, right?

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(cover artwork by John Tregoning)

Issue 06: Editor’s Note — The message hasn’t changed: don’t fuck this up.

Issue 06: Dear Diary — A month of the best laid plans.

Issue 06: Heroes & Villains — One beautiful man vs one ungrateful town.

Issue 06: Propaganda — Your social media team is terrified.

31st January 2003 by Moscowhite — The current transfer window has disappointed a lot of fans, but nothing tops January 2003 for a concentrated 31 day disaster.

Archive Originals by Jon Howe — The camera loves Leeds United, whatever Leeds United are doing. This article is free to read to non-subscribers.

Life Without Luke by Moscowhite — Luke Ayling is out for the season, but he still has a big part to play.

The Continuing Misadventures of Ross McCormack Down Under by Fiona Kyle — Ross McCormack is down under, but is he down and out?

Risky Business by Richard Lindley — Do Leeds United need to hurry in January, with a long hot summer ahead?

The Rise of Captain Coops by Steven York — From ‘League One Liam’ to a figure of pride.

The Full-Back Fates by Ben Whitelaw — The twenty years since Dorigo can be summed up in two words: ‘Raul Bravo’.

World Going Round by David Guile — Leeds United’s has grown increasingly international. Is there anywhere Victor Orta won’t shop — or shouldn’t?

Right Back Berra by Calum Archibald — We’re about to get a reminder of Tano in his natural habitat.

Alex Sabella by Moscowhite — After Duncan McKenzie and Tony Currie came the Argentinean glamour of Alex Sabella.

Premier Roulette by Andy P — Andrea Radrizzani wants to own a Premier League club. But first he has to learn fast in the Championship.

Pablo Hernandez by Moscowhite — Pablo Hernandez has been quietly brilliant this season, allowing Samu Saiz to take the limelight.

Stephen McPhail by Moscowhite — Eddie Gray will insist forever that Stephen McPhail was the most talented Leeds player of his generation.

Winter Window by Dale Holt, Técnica Football Education — Leeds can learn a lot by looking at January, past and present.

In Search of Lost Temps: 100 Loans Part 6 by Rob Conlon & Wayne Gamble — Perhaps one day we’ll compile a list of 100 players Leeds United have sent on loan to Cultural Leonesa.

The Last Word: Eric Carlile by Moscowhite — Leeds United is a better club for Eric Carlile’s part in it. ◉

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