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(cover artwork by Lee Shackleton)

Issue 07: Editor’s Note — That ridiculous afternoon in Southampton.

Issue 07: Dear Diary — Not much to report this time…

Issue 07: Heroes & Villains — We couldn’t stop at just one villain.

Issue 07: Propaganda — Everyone’s got an opinion, usually about Leeds United.

Tuesday 27th February 1996 by Moscowhite — Before fashion took over, football kits had one primary function: to make a team identifiable.

Protective Shield by Dave Guile — While everybody argues about the club’s new crest, some fans still love the old one.

Tha’ New Cock From Tarn by Liam Dyson — Leeds fans don’t always pay attention to what’s happening at teams like Barnsley, so we asked Liam Dyson from Teams Like Barnsley’s finest fanzine, West Stand Bogs, to tell us what we’ve missed — and who we’re getting.

Mothers’ Union? by Fiona Kyle — Social media has taken the search for role models in football to the only people players look up to — their mums.

Jimmy Armfield by Moscowhite

The Class of Leeds by Ben Whitelaw — Sun, sea and a soon-to-sacked Dane. The photo taken at the mid-season training camp gives us some valuable insight into the Leeds squad.

Promotion Possible? by Ben Stead — Poor form plus a new manager equals…

Are We Being Pranked? by Steven York — Because surely the things we’re told to believe cannot be real. This article is free to read to non-subscribers.

Abort, Retry, Win? by Dylan Thwaites — In the aftermath of crestageddon, should we spare a thought for the people who thought they were doing a good thing?

Liam Miller by Moscowhite

Can I Borrow a Feeling? by Calum Archibald — Leeds usually get the rough end of the loan market, but could Paul Heckingbottom change that, too?

Follow The Leader by Andy P — Andrea Radrizzani has had plenty to be sorry for this month, but sorry is not the answer we need.

Mike O’Grady by Moscowhite — What might Revie’s great side have been like, if O’Grady had been kept to supply Clarke?

Joe Jordan by Moscowhite — Joe Jordan’s connection to Leeds United didn’t end with his and Gordon McQueen’s defection to Old Trafford in 1978.

Comfortably Numb by Jon Howe — Leeds United lose to Millwall. And then we have to go home.

Crest Club by Emma Carrington — How did Leeds United really come up with that crest design? A top secret memo leaked to TSB might have the answer.

Adding The Nasty Side by Dale Holt, Técnica Football Education — Can Heckingbottom deal with what Christiansen couldn’t?

In Search of Lost Temps: 100 Loans Part 6 by Rob Conlon & Wayne Gamble — They came, they saw, and we saw, and then everybody went their separate ways and tried to forget the whole thing every happened.

The Last Word: All Over by Fiona Kyle — The end came for Thomas Christiansen, the way it always does. ◉

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