The Square Ball: Season 29, Issue 04

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The fourth issue of The Square Ball’s 29th season is available to buy now online, or from one of our friendly sellers outside Elland Road before home games, after first going on sale before Kemaradona’s entirely fair equaliser earned us a draw with Nottingham Forest, who took it in good spirit.

£1.50 for the digital version or £2 (plus postage) for a paper copy gets you 72 full-colour pages of brilliant Leeds United related words and pictures, from some amazing writers, artists and photographers.

If you want to try before you buy, this article by Moscowhite, about Gary Speed, is free to read.

The Square Ball: Season 29, Issue 04

£1.50 online, £2 on paper

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TSB is a proper magazine, for Leeds fans, that has just been shortlisted for the eighth year in a row for The Football Supporters’ Federation Fanzine of The Year Award. We’ve won twice but didn’t win last year (congratulations to Arsenal’s The Gooner), but we’re the only fanzine to have been shortlisted every year of the award, so it’s got to be worth two quid, right?

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Don’t forget you can still get copies of our 2018 Summer Special, featuring a big interview with Brian Deane and loads of articles about classic Leeds United. There’s also a review of last season, but we won’t go into that now.

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(cover artwork by Rhys Lowry)

Issue 04: Editor’s Note — This year is different.

Issue 04: Dear Diary — Only in the mag now, so get a print/digital copy if you want to know what’s been happening.

Issue 04: Heroes & Villains — The Football League’s corrupt.

Issue 04: Propaganda — We’ve had enough of being popular.

Wednesday 21st October 1992 by Moscowhite — Leeds United’s Scots have a track record of silencing Scottish stadiums.

Bland Content For Numb Ears by Dave Guile — Pontus Jansson got in trouble for swearing, but his honesty could save the game from itself.

When Unknowable Became Unknown by Moscowhite — A new book, written by Gary Speed’s close friend with help from his family, takes the place of a story Speed didn’t think was worth writing. This article is free to read for non-subscribers.

How to Win a Press Conference by Dylan Thwaites — Six EFL managers take on Marcelo Bielsa. At the end of the day, will they be over the moon?

Bielsa & Poetry: An Interview with Felipe Cussen by Moscowhite — Felipe Cussen asks the audience to excuse him before he reads his last poem, and leaves the room for a moment. This article is free to read for non-subscribers.

Bielsa, Buckets and Bilbao by Joe Brennan — Stadiums, fan groups and tattoos; the worldwide reverence for Leeds United’s manager. (The current one, not Paul Heckingbottom.)

The Perfect Circle by Jon Howe — Last issue we proclaimed these idiots as our heroes. Now Jon Howe reports from within the £10,000 TSB Charity Walk.

“We Fly The Colours Even More” by Rob Conlon — Meet Leeds United fan and international footballer, Hady Ghandour.

Disney’s Marcelo Poppins by Steve York — He floats in with an umbrella in hand, and history says he’ll leave when the wind changes,

What Do You Wish For? by Josh Dean — We’ve been chasing the Premier League dream for years, but perhaps it wasn’t such a good idea. Until now.

Kevin Sharp by Moscowhite — Kevin Sharp was the thinker’s choice.

Tyler Roberts by Moscowhite — Tyler Roberts has established beyond any doubt that he exists.

Will The Real Barry Douglas Please Stand Up? by Fiona Kyle — Only one summer signing has been trusted from the start, but are we seeing the best of Douglas?

Frank Gray by Moscowhite — It’s always been all about Eddie at Leeds United, and rightly so.

The Last Word: Hopefulness by Moscowhite — Ever since Bristol City started tweeting those goal celebrations, gifs have been football’s defining form. ◉