The third issue of The Square Ball’s twenty-eighth season is available to buy now online, or from one of our friendly sellers outside Elland Road before the games against Reading and Sheffield United.

£1.50 digital or £2 (plus postage) for a paper copy gets you 76 full-colour pages of brilliant Leeds United related words and pictures, from some amazing writers, artists and photographers. It’s a proper magazine, for Leeds fans.

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For a pound a month digital subscribers get a pdf version, all new articles online, and access to the archive. Although issue one has sold out, we hope soon to offer part-season subscriptions for paper copies; keep an eye on Twitter for details.

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For the first time this season subscribers can read all the articles on our website, handy on the phone on the bus to the match or when you’re skiving at work.

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Thanks once again for supporting The Square Ball — we hope you enjoy reading the mag this season, as we chronicle a team on the up. ◉

(cover artwork by Matt Granger)

Issue 03: Editor’s Note — Off the field, the things that are going on make this feel more like 1989 than 2003.

Issue 03: Dear Diary — Another month in our march back to the Premier League.

Issue 03: Heroes & Villains — Definitely a bigger than the EFL Manager of the Month award.

Issue 03: Propaganda — Leeds are falling apart again, again.

If Only For Tonight by Jon Howe — Leeds United are top of the league.

Growing Up In Public by Fiona Kyle — Going out on loan never did Tom Lees or Charlie Taylor any harm. How are this season’s loaned out lads getting on?

Hold The Line by Andy P — As Leeds United’s centenary approaches, its future looks bright. So what should we do with all this history?

Elland Road: Asset of Community Value — The Leeds United Supporters’ Trust is delighted to announce that we have secured the listing of Elland Road as an Asset of Community Value.

Lee Brown — White Star Whites — Photographer Lee Brown went to Belfast to visit the White Star Whites, take in a Leeds game at the local bar, and take some pictures.

Square It Hadi! by David Guile — What’s inside Hadi Sacko’s head?

Moneyball in a Yorkshire Rose by Ben Whitelaw — From Billy Beane to Thomas Christiansen, via Brad Pitt.

Left Behind? by Steven York — Where once was Taylor, we need more strength — and Swiss-handsomeness.

Ways To Play by Calum Archibald — How can Thomas Christiansen keep doing what he wants to do?

Mixing It Up by Jak Oldroyd — The search goes on for United’s Plan B.

“Iron Maiden Played Kerrang Off The Park” by Oddy Marone — Leeds United fan and Iron Maiden manager, TSB talks to Dave Shack and finds out about the heavy metal world of LUFC on tour, while trying not to mention the Macar…

In Search of Lost Temps: 100 Loans Part 3 by Rob Conlon & Wayne Gamble — Continuing our trawl through Leeds United’s loanees, 2004-2017. All one hundred of them. Christ.

The Last Word: Chapeau by Moscowhite — Searching through a hangover for Lee Chapman, lost in France. ◉

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