The Square Ball: Season 34, Issue 02

Written by: The Square Ball
Cover artwork by: Arley Byrne
The front cover of TSB 23-24 issue 02, with artwork by Arley Byrne showing cartoon drawings of Daniel Farke's head around text reading 'Unbelievable hard'

This is the second issue of TSB’s 34th season, and we just be starting to like this Daniel Farke guy. Our cover art is a celebration of his many moods drawn by Arley Byrne, summed up in the words that best describe Farke’s work so far: ‘Unbelievable hard’.

There’s unbelievable much inside this issue, all of it unbelievable good.

  • Rob Conlon speaks to former players and staff from Leeds Cougars, the gridiron team that was here long before the 49ers
  • Our new columnist Gaetano Berardi — yes, him! — writes about want-away players, and what it’s like when someone wants to take your place
  • Moxco on the most significant aspect of Joel Piroe’s arrival, listing five strikers who wore no.7
  • Plus moaning loaners, explaining the transfer window to children, the joy of uniting Sam Byram and Archie Gray, peacocks, new music and art
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Our now ten times-nominated and two-times FSF Award winning fanzine, plus one for the podcast and as of 2022 one for ‘Fan Media’, includes lots of pages of articles and artwork about what used to be the pain but now is the glory which still involves pain of being a Leeds United supporter, for more than 100 long, long years.

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His palms are sweaty
7 UP
A close up of Pascal Struijk's big sexy head as his hot breath creates a cloud in the cold air during the warm up before the game with Swansea
Who Got Who?
Another Three
Early Doors
Bill of Rights
Money Well Spent
Georginio Rutter, in his bench coat after the Swansea game, flinging his arms up towards the Kop in delight
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