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new from the square ball
Ian Poveda in some happy moments
Rovers return
The incident that hurt Ian Poveda is arguably worse than Harvey Elliott's, it just doesn't have the Sky coverage to prove it.
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Man Marked
A breathtaking televised performance saw United dismantle a dangerous Villa side. With Tony Daley nullified by Chris Fairclough and a famous corner routine, a series of close range goals secured the points.
Dan James doing a Cruyff
One day
Until half-time this looked like a game Leeds were winning, and that Bielsa, pitted against Conte for the first time, had organised his way in spite of lacking personnel.
A bloke with a helmet on and Kyle Shanahan, the coach. Go Niners!
Blast that foghorn!
Now that 49ers Enterprises' stake in Leeds United is 44%, it's time to look more seriously at the body from which the investment arm of our future touch-rugby overlords grew.