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  • Get even more of The Square Ball Podcast, straight to your podcast player. Listen on your phone or desktop. Cancel at any time. Listen free for 30 days. The Extra Ball is a new podcast from The Square Ball. By subscribing you'll be helping to support the TSB Podcast team as we aim to do even more in the future. You'll be able to listen to The Extra Ball in a compatible podcast app using your TSB username and password, so it'll fit seamlessly into your pod-listening life, and there's a one month free trial. Thanks for listening, and thanks for subscribing! What Is It? The Extra Ball is a new weekly subscription podcast from The Square Ball. It's to go alongside the main podcast, with all the bits we couldn't fit into that, special features and you (if you send us questions)! How much is it? Your first month is free and after that it's £2.99 a month. You can pay us more if you think it's worth more - it's entirely up to you. The regular Square Ball Podcast will always be free. Why are you charging? We love doing The Square Ball Podcast and we'd like to do more of it, but time and money get in the way. We have ambitions to do even more, and by supporting us you'll give us the ability to do it! How do I listen? Once you've subscribed, it's a simple 3 step process: 1. In your compatible podcast player, add a new podcast. 2. Copy and paste the feed address (much like a web address). 3. Sign in with your TSB username and password. That's it! As long as your subscription remains active, it will function in your podcast player like any other show. Which podcast apps does it work with? Desktop: iTunes Desktop app for Windows and Mac. Or via The Square Ball website. iOS: Apple Podcasts; Overcast; Downcast; Pocket Casts. Android: Pocket Casts; Podcast Addict; Podcast Republic; BeyondPod; DoggCatcher. How do I manage my subscription? Simply head to the My Account section of The Square Ball website to manage, amend or cancel your subscription.
  • [line] [custom_headline type="left" level="h2" looks_like="h5" class="mtn"]Read on your phone at the match[/custom_headline][custom_headline type="left" level="h2" looks_like="h5" class="mts"]Includes unlimited access to 80+ digital issues[/custom_headline] [line] A digital subscription includes unlimited access to all PDF editions of TSB from 2009 right up to the current issue - all for just the equivalent of just £1 a month! Simply log in to the website, head to the shop and all the digital magazines will be free - for as long as you have an active subscription. Since 2017/18, all articles in the magazine are available in a phone-friendly format on the website for subscribers. So, if you prefer digital to paper, you can still have the mag in your pocket. Please note: This is a subscription product that is charged annually and runs for 12 months from the date of purchase. It will attempt to collect a recurring payment of £12 from the card you used to pay on the same date each year, unless cancelled. You can manage your subscription, your payment method and renewal options in the My Account part of the website. [line]