2023-24 | Issue 01


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This is the first issue of TSB’s 34th season, back where we, er, belong? Let’s hope Daniel Farke has other ideas. Our cover art is a big welcome back to the Champo by Lee Shackleton.

There’s plenty inside this issue, possibly even some optimism! Click here to read more about what’s inside.

  • Rob Conlon on boxer Maxi Hughes having his Paris ’75 moment in the ring in Olkahoma
  • Flora Snelson writes from the World Cup on the weirdness of Fifaland
  • Our new columnist Gaetano Berardi — yes, him! — writes about Bielsa’s first summer, and how it all went right against Stoke
  • Patrick Gunn on Farke’s season with Borussia Mönchengladbach
  • Moxco on Leeds United’s top 5 chaotic summers that make this one look organised, almost
  • Plus why Jose Mourinho wants our defenders, left-backs and false starts, new music and art

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