Kick Off Kids Activity Book by Joe Gamble | Free Digital Preview


If you’re running out of ways to keep a young football fan entertained during lockdown, we highly recommend Kick Off! — a football activity boo by TSB artist Joe Gamble.

If you’re a kid aged 5-12, you can use its 144 pages to draw everything from your own kits, badges and boots, right down to the lino’s flag. Draw formations, make player cards of your friends, give players some fresh haircuts, and learn about offsides, pies, and big goalie gloves. You can even design a whole new way of playing football! There are loads of prompts and drawings to get your ideas going when you get your pens and pencils out.

And because Joe’s a Leeds fan, there are plenty of LUFC references scattered through the book.

You can buy a copy in all the usual bookshop places, or by clicking here to get it from Scout & Co.

But if you can’t wait for delivery and need entertainment right now, Joe has given us some sample pages you can download for free, print out, and give to any bored young fans in the vicinity.

It’s a pdf and it’s absolutely free, you just need to add it to your cart and go through the checkout to get the download link.

(And check out our free TSB Colouring Book here for more lockdown fun!)

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