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The Square Ball started in 1989, a proper Leeds United magazine with plenty to read and a fine line in retro t-shirts.

Now in our 32nd season, TSB is back in the Premier League with an award-winning magazine featuring some of the best writing, artwork and photography around, a weekly and ever expanding podcast, a website full of reports and opinion, and a renewed grudge against everything over the Pennines.

There are two main ways to subscribe and support The Square Ball:

TSB+ is our digital subscription including podcasts and digital magazines, and TSB On Paper will get a year’s worth of the magazine delivered to your door.

Buy them both for the year, and you’ll get £10 off.


Our digital subscription is available either monthly at £6.99 per month, or if you pay £59.88 for a year up front the price drops to £4.99 per month and you get more stuff thrown in.

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All Podcasts Ad-Free in One Place

With TSB+, you get one feed of all our podcasts, and no adverts. You will hear us saying a quick thank you to our sponsors, but there won’t be any inserted commercials or long read-outs. Just us talking pure, uninterrupted bollocks. Er, we mean, searing expert insight.

The Match Ball Live & Early Release

Recorded after every match, capturing all the unedited raw joy and grief of watching Leeds United trying to win football matches. TSB+ subscribers can watch The Match Ball streaming live while we’re recording it after matches, and watch a playback before the video goes public. The podcast version goes out straight after recording, ad-free on the TSB+ podcast feed, before its public release.

The Extra Ball

Included on the same podcast feed, our subscriber-only weekly show, with no adverts, but plenty of reasons for elevating Mike Whitlow to canonical status. Interviews, retro features, longer looks, grown men playing board games and/or Championship Manager, The Quiz aka Jamie McMastermind aka Quizzy Brown aka Catch Frazer Richardson aka Fun Howson, your questions via Whatsapp and the chance to win a Soccer Supremo mug. You get exclusive access to ad-free video versions of these episodes, too.

The Match Ball Thirty

Advert-free on the same feed, our game-by-game look back at United’s return to the top division from 1990 to 1992. Spoiler alert: we win the league.

Digital Magazine

Every new issue of our award winning magazine available to download as a pdf or to read on the website, and access to the archive of pdfs going back to 2009.

Daily Email: Propaganda

Forget refreshing Twitter all day, and refresh your inbox instead, until our daily email of Leeds news and nonsense arrives.

Merchandise Offers

(Annual only)
We’ll email you first when we make new t-shirts and mugs and give you money off. Dress well for less and drink tea on the cheap!

Live Event Discounts

(Annual only)
Not so much during the pandemic, but when we’re all allowed back in a room together, we’ll let you know first and give you discounts on tickets.

Discounts on Special Issues

(Annual only)
We now do special ‘bookazine’ issues at least twice a year, with anything between 100 pages, 228 pages, or just a telephone book if we can manage it. You’ll get money off them.

£10 off TSB On Paper

(Annual only)
Save £10 on a year of TSB On Paper and get eight issues of the magazine for just £8 plus delivery around the world.

TSB On Paper

Our magazine is the heart of The Square Ball, the Batty in our midfield, the Bielsa on our bucket.

Published since 1989, each 72 page issue tracks the ups and downs — mostly downs — of loving Leeds.

The magazine is sold on the street outside Elland Road before games, but a subscription guarantees you a copy free of pocket-creases and beer stains. It also helps us know how many we need to print, so it’s win-win.

What You Get

12 Month Subscription
8 Issues of TSB Per Season
72 Page Magazine
Delivered Worldwide
Discount on Back Issues

What You Pay

£18 per year plus delivery worldwide

£18 + £12 UK p&p = £30 per year
£18 + £37 European p&p = £55 per year
£18 + £50 Rest of World p&p = £68 per year

TSB On Paper does not include pdf versions or online access, but you can get those through TSB+, and if you subscribe to TSB+ for a year you’ll get £10 off your paper subscription.

I Already Subscribe!

Thank you! You’re ace. We know some of you have been with us since 1989, or got involved during the grim League One or Steve Evans days. Without being too mushy, there will always be a special bond from the bad times. Now, let’s everybody stop crying.

Existing pre-Premier League subscribers can continue with your existing subscriptions for as long as you want — you don’t have to change a thing.

Whether you have a paper subscription, a digital magazine subscription or a subscription to The Extra Ball, we won’t change what you get now or change the amount you pay.

The only proviso is on paper subscriptions, if our printing or delivery costs go up. But those costs are locked in for the 2021/22 season.

But if you check your email, you should have details on your discount for changing from your current subscription to a TSB+ subscription. Any time that you decide you want to change, we’ll make sure you get a bargain for being with us already.

What About Free Stuff?

We have loads of that!

The Square Ball Podcast and The Match Ball are both available as advert-supported podcasts on most major platforms, or through our website. Just search for ‘The Square Ball’ in your favourite podcast app, and enjoy!

The website will always have plenty of match reports, opinion and archive stories to read for free, plus one or two free articles from every new issue of the magazine.

Subscriptions can be bought as gifts, so you can always put one on your Christmas list. Or you can give the gift of TSB to a friend, a stranger, or the Man Utd fan from work who needs to learn about a proper football team.

You can also still subscribe separately to the digital magazine, The Extra Ball or the Propaganda email, although TSB+ is a better deal — have a look at our separated subscriptions here.