Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2020-03-05T00:20:34+00:00
Can I listen to The Extra Ball podcast on Spotify?2020-03-05T00:16:57+00:00

Sorry, no. Spotify don’t support adding password protected feeds, so it won’t work with subscription podcasts like The Extra Ball. Our free podcast works just fine on Spotify, though. Just press here and it’ll open right away.

How do I contact you?2020-03-05T00:49:04+00:00

If these FAQs don’t answer your question, feel free to drop us a line. We have a dedicated support system to handle all queries. When you get in touch via any of the following methods, our support system will automatically open a ticket for you, so we can track and manage your query:

If your query is about a merchandise order, please contact the good folks at Awesome Distro. They manage and operate our merch shop. Here are their contact details, as well as delivery and returns information.

If you want to leave a WhatsApp voice memo for one of our podcasts simply follow this magic link that opens the app.

Please note that our WhatsApp number is not connected to an active phone, so you can’t call us. We only pick up the WhatsApp messages every few days. We ask that all support queries go through our dedicated support system above.

How do I listen to The Extra Ball podcast in Apple Podcasts on iOS?2020-03-05T21:56:00+00:00

It’s straightforward process:

1. Open the Apple Podcasts app
2. Press the Library button at the bottom
3. Press Edit in the top right hand corner
4. Select Add a Show by URL…
5. Enter this in the Podcast URL box (copy and paste it from here):
6. Enter the username and password you use on The Square Ball website. Your username is normally your email address.

Then, provided your subscription remains active, it’ll work like any other podcast in the Apple Podcasts app. As always, if you get stuck you can always drop us a message.

How do I listen to The Extra Ball podcast in Pocket Casts?2020-03-05T00:16:40+00:00

Pocket Casts makes things a bit more fiddly. You need to follow their instructions here:

We’re working on easier ways to add feeds, but if you have any problems, give us a shout here.

How do I listen to The Extra Ball podcast on my podcast app?2020-03-05T00:15:53+00:00

You’ll need a subscription — from here — and this feed address:

It’ll work with the following apps:

Desktop: Apple Podcasts app for Windows and Mac. Or via The Square Ball website.
iOS: Apple Podcasts; Overcast; Downcast; Pocket Casts.
Android: Podcast Addict; Pocket Casts; Podcast Republic; BeyondPod; DoggCatcher.

Each one is slightly different, but you’re looking for an option to ‘add a new podcast’, then ‘add a podcast by url’. Then paste in the feed address, put in your username (your email address) and password, and you’ll be away. If you have any problems, drop us a line here.

How do I listen to The Phil Hay Show?2020-03-05T23:30:18+00:00

The feed for The Phil Hay Show is provided by The Athletic — just search for it in any podcast app and it should come up. If you want it without adverts, you can listen in The Athletic’s own player. You can enjoy a free trial and sign up with a 50% discount here.

I have a question about a merch order2020-03-05T00:43:25+00:00

Merch sales — clothing, mugs, prints and the like — are handled by our very good friends Awesome Merchandise in Leeds. They have an FAQ page with email and phone contact details here.

I still have questions. Like, did I dream Darko Milanic? And are we going up this season?2020-03-05T00:11:20+00:00

No you did not and yes we are. And if there’s anything else, drop us a line here and we’ll get back to you.

I’m a subscriber — when will I get the magazine?2020-03-05T00:14:43+00:00

For a typical Saturday game, we collect the magazine hot off the press on Saturday morning. Subscriber copies are sent out on Monday and Tuesday, after which it’s down to the Royal Mail, who have improved considerably since Shaun Harvey was taken off his round. If you think yours is missing, send us your details here and we’ll investigate.

What’s the Whatsapp number so I can send in a question for The Extra Ball or The Phil Hay Show?2020-03-05T00:43:06+00:00

Send us a voice memo on +44 7899 555459 or you can click this link to open Whatsapp on your phone with the number all set:

Please note that we check the WhatsApp inbox infrequently, so if you have a support query, get in touch here instead.

Where can I buy the magazine at Elland Road?2020-03-05T00:14:25+00:00

The best place on matchdays is at the stadium end of the Lowfields Road tunnel, on the right hand side as you look towards the ground. We also usually have sellers at the Kop gates, outside the East Stand main entrance, and next to the lamppost outside the entrance to the club shop. If you have the exact change — £2.50 — we’ll be your best friends forever. Don’t forget you can subscribe here.

Where can I follow you on social media?2020-03-05T01:01:53+00:00

You can keep up to date with The Square Ball on the major social networks.

Sorry, but we’re not on Snapchat or TikTok.

Why has The Extra Ball stopped updating in my podcast app?2020-03-05T00:17:13+00:00

It’s normally one of these things:

1. Your subscription isn’t active. This is normally due to a failed payment for the subscription. It happens! The website will automatically suspend your access if your sub isn’t active. It can be easily rectified by making the missed payment. You can check your account status here.

2. If your account all looks ok then it’s likely the website has signed you out. This can happen occasionally due to server or software updates. This can be sorted out by deleting the podcast from your chosen podcast app and then adding it again, as per the instructions on this page.

If those steps don’t fix it then get in touch and we’ll look into it.