The view from the stand at Genoa's promotion party, as supporters hold flags and scarves aloft. It looks lovely
Not Bellusci's
A dramatic day in Serie B had Chris McMenamy feeling things that might have been.
MUSIC MAKES FOOTBALL BETTER is the text, next to a photo of DJ Emily Pilbeam wearing a blue TSB Admiral shirt
Relegation party
Emily Pilbeam is a Leeds based DJ and, as host of BBC Music Introducing in West Yorkshire, is head scout and first team coach combined for new music in the city.
Alistair Woods' art at Castlefield Gallert featuring Napoli scarves and a bust of Diego Maradona
El Diego & Big Jack
Alistair Woods is an artist living and working in Manchester, but in 2017 'A Portrait of Jack Charlton' was a bit of a giveaway that his allegiances are with the light side of the Pennines.
Two photos of James Milner next to each other: on the right, the spotty teenager in a Leeds shirt; on the left the bearded veteran at Liverpool
Sick everywhere
Brighton are proof it’s possible to be a sustainable Premier League club and still have fun. Give ‘em a biscuit. But please don’t give them James Milner.
A picture of Mateo Joseph shouting about how happy he is
Play(ed them) off (the park)
Missing automatic promotion might be the best thing that could have happened to Leeds Under-21s
Joel Robles has been photographed not looking particularly calm, having a big old shout with his arms spread, but Rasmus has just scored so it's fine
A bit daft, a bit mad
It says a lot about Leeds right now that the goalkeeper practising pull-ups on the crossbar before facing a penalty is the one asking for calm.
Not quite galactic giants colliding, but it is Erling Haaland being banged into by Junior Firpo and Sam Greenwood
Collapsing stars
When it comes to the vastness of the cosmos, romantics and philosophers will tell you this fear is fine, beautiful even, but the helplessness of this season hits differently.
Sam Allardyce standing next to the fourth official at the Etihad, angry about something, holding his arms out as if trying to measure his anger
Bucking bronco
After a bull was accidentally let loose at a rugby league match, I'm wondering if that's the best way to make Premier League games more fun.