Rodrigo celebrating his volley at Spurs with Wilf Gnonto on his knees grabbing his waist
Two number nines and a microphone
Leeds United fans are reeling from weekend to weekend, 4-3 to 3-4, late winners to late losers, blindfolded trying to pin a tail on this donkey of a season.
A photo of Leeds United's Max Dean with his hand up, as if one more word will end in a punch
Best things in life are free
It has been a good season to be an Under-21 forward at Leeds, unless you’re Max Dean.
Wilf Gnonto screaming at the Kop after Sam Greenwood's goal for Leeds against Bournemouth
The Leeds Way
Staggering around the pitch at full-time, Marsch looked as powerless as any other Leeds fan to resist what this club is. Buy into it, Jesse. Live a little.
A photo of Jesse Marsch, emphasising how tired and weary he looks, poor fella
Beat happening
Jesse Marsch does not look at peace with the idea that he does not have all the answers. But this could be the best thing that ever happened to him.
A collage of Leeds fans celebrating at Liverpool, Tyler Adams squaring up to Andy Robertson, and Adams celebrating
Three points
‘Getting it’ is a strange concept at Leeds, universally understood but difficult to define. Tyler Adams gets it, even if he’s still learning what ‘it’ is.
A photo of Jesse Marsch, looking quite tired and emotional, is hugging Crysenscio Summerville after he scored the winner at Liverpool
Blue lawn
This was about a coach with a one in a million shot of being here, with a one in a million shot of staying here, pulling off a one in a million shot that could keep him here.
Jesse Marsch looking sad, against a red backdrop of the video game Lemmings — they're all falling off a cliff
Oh no!
Wedded to a strategy that isn't working, tinkering with the minutiae but changing nothing — Jesse Marsch managing Leeds, or me, aged seven, playing Lemmings?