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It’s nearly 2024, so it’s nearly time for a new year and a new calendar, filled with pictures of your favourite Leeds players, by your favourite TSB artists, with all the profits going to the Leeds Cancer Centre and the Leeds Breast Cancer Research Action Group, through our friends at the Leeds Hospitals Charity and St James’s Hospital, Leeds.

This year’s calendar is a compilation of specially produced artwork of winning Leeds goals through history — so no worries about us selling Tony Yeboah before August comes around, although we are taking our usual risk with Summerville’s winner at Anfield for February.

A big thank you to our talented artists, who have once again donated their work free of charge. As always, 100% of the profits from our calendars will be donated to local charities.

After someone very close to The Square Ball was diagnosed with breast cancer four years ago, we will be celebrating the success of their treatment and recovery by raising money to help others do the same.

All of the profits from the sale of our 2024 Calendar will be donated to the Leeds Cancer Centre and the Leeds Breast Cancer Research Action Group, through our friends at Leeds Hospitals Charity and St James’s Hospital, Leeds: www.leedshospitalscharity.org.uk

You have raised over £10,000 for the Leeds Hospitals Charity from the sales of our calendars over the past few years, so thank you for your support. As football fans we go in hard and we go in high so #StudsUpToCancer

The Leeds Cancer Centre is one of the largest cancer centre’s in the UK and provides diagnosis and treatment to patients throughout Yorkshire. Funds raised will pay for vital equipment, helping patient support services or accommodation for families during their loved-one’s stay in hospital. Larger donations will also pay for research posts which will help ease NHS budgets.

You can find out more at www.leedshospitalscharity.org.uk/Appeal/leeds-cancer-centre

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