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We also reckon you should read this by Martin Hywood, about how Peter Osgood unwittingly inspired him to keep fighting, Leeds style, and to understand why Muscles Matter.

TSB is a proper magazine, for Leeds fans, that this season was shortlisted for the seventh year in a row for The Football Supporters’ Federation Fanzine of The Year Award. We didn’t win (congratulations to Arsenal’s The Gooner), but we’re the only fanzine to have been shortlisted every year of the award, so it’s got to be worth two quid, right?

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(cover artwork by Joe Gamble)

Issue 08: Editor’s Note — Let’s just not talk about it.

Issue 08: Dear Diary — Remember when it was all going so well? Yeah, not this month.

Issue 08: Heroes & Villains — One of those free-kicks will go in eventually.

Issue 08: Propaganda — As long as nobody at Leeds is saying anything stupid.

Sprake On A Plane by Moscowhite — Saturday 17th March 1962.

Written Off by Steven York — Are Leeds fans a shrewd judge of ability, or do we write players off too quickly?

Radrizzani Relazioni by Moscowhite — We’ve been frightened in case Radrizzani is another Cellino. But what if he’s another Ridsdale?

Wrong Way Bremner by Paul ‘The Beaver’ Trevillion — When Paul Trevillion dared to suggest in November 1974 that Billy Bremner could win the league for Leeds, not everybody was pleased.

Remembering by Fiona Kyle — If only last season could have gone on forever.

Super Bouy by Dave Guile — Nobody expects Ouasim Bouy is the hero to save Leeds United. But that’s the point. This article is free to read for non-subscribers.

Ranking The Stands by Jonathan Peel — So you’re not reduced to sticking a pin in the plan on your season ticket renewal, here’s a reminder that there’s nowhere so unexplored as home.

Keep Fighting by Martin Hywood — How Peter Osgood unknowingly inspired a Leeds fan to keep fighting for Muscular Dystrophy UK. This article is free to read for non-subscribers.

Envious Andrea by Ben Whitelaw — Radrizzani’s response didn’t feel Leeds-like and suggests it’s more about him than he lets on.

Robbie Blake by Moscowhite — The dour grimness of the football we’ve endured since relegation from the Premier League has felt relentless at times, but we’ve not been without relief.

Carlton Palmer by Moscowhite — One of the stranger after effects of United’s defeat in the 1996 League Cup final was Carlton Palmer electing himself spokesperson for the righteous.

“I never wanted to look for another team” — Sean Leahy Interview by Lee Brown — Sean Leahy is a hockey writer in New York who fell in love with Leeds United and their Champions League run. Seventeen years later, he hasn’t given up on us. Lee Brown met him to find out why.

Samu Saiz by Moscowhite — He’s back, and he’s no longer the sweet angel from beautiful heaven.

Football Against The Technocrat by Andy P — What do we do now Andrea Radrizzani has seen what the Championship is really like?

Mentalità by Dale Holt, Técnica Football Education — The problems for Heckingbottom go beyond technique.

In Search of Lost Temps: 100 Loans Part 8 by Rob Conlon & Wayne Gamble — Ah, you want our Leeds United loan scheme, very good madam.

The Last Word: Cloggers & Donkeys by Michael Caine — I personally never want to hear the words Cooper to Phillips ever again! ◉

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