Better (for) now

Music makes football better | Emily Pilbeam

Written by: Emily Pilbeam
Photograph by: Lee Brown
A photograph of Emily Pilbeam on a pale pink background, with the words 'Music Makes Football Better', because it does

Emily Pilbeam is a Leeds based DJ and, as host of BBC Music Introducing in West Yorkshire, is head scout and first team coach combined for new music in the city. You can listen to Emily’s show on Radio Leeds every Saturday from 8-10pm or whenever you like on the BBC Sounds app, and because football and music just make sense together, read her selections here in TSB.


Three Tracks


B-Ahwe — Infected

B-Ahwe has one of the most refreshing, powerful and interesting voices right now. We’ve been playing B-awhe on my show for a long time and I am always so impressed with what she sends to us. You can never know what to expect with B-ahwe, apart from that the song is probs going to be the best thing you’ve heard all week. (




Graft & Mikey B — Nostalgic Love

All Graft Aren’t We. Former winner of the Rap Game UK, Graft has dropped an ace garage tune to sign off the end of summer. I’ve definitely said this before about Graft’s tunes but I think this is his best yet… (




Jessie Marcella — Better (For) Now

I adore Jessie Marcella. She makes chilled out ambient electronic music that is a perfect to de-stress to. Jessie is such a talented artist and I’m really excited to see what she does next. (



Three Gigs


Dolores Forever — Oporto, Wednesday 4th October

An indie pop duo who write the catchiest songs you will ever hear! As I’m writing this a song of theirs has immediately popped into my head and I can guarantee it will now be in my head till this gig. I’ve still not had a chance to catch these live yet but I just know they’ll be brilliant. (



Yowl — Hyde Park Book Club, Monday 9th October

Probably one of my favourite bands ever. Yowl are an alternative rock band from South London who have been going for a fair few years now, but have just released their debut album Milksick. It’s a superb piece of work from them that flaunts singer Gabe’s exceptional lyricism and story-telling, and I think shows a band that are committed to making interesting, thought-provoking music without falling into a trap of following any trend. Seriously, go and see them. (



Live At Leeds In The City — various venues, Saturday 14th October

Live at Leeds has always been one of the highlights of my year since I started going to it back in 2014/2015. Live At Leeds In The Park has been a welcome sister to Live At Leeds In The City, allowing the metropolitan festival to take more risks and book more exciting up and coming talent — which is obviously what I love. There’s a whole host of acts you should see: Pigs x7, Shame, The Last Dinner Party and loads more… but make sure you come and see me at the BBC Introducing in West Yorkshire stage at Oporto where we’ll have a line-up of the best acts on the festival bill! (




Leeeeeeeeds Festival! I was back in the fields of Bramham Park on August Bank Holiday weekend. I realised just before going that it was my tenth (TENTH) year in a row going to Leeds (& Reading) Festival (excluding Covid but sshhhhhh) which, I’ll be honest, didn’t make me feel great BUT all things considered I had an absolute blast. We had some amazing sets on the BBC Introducing stage including local acts L’Objectif and Blazer Boccle. Antony Szmierek from across the Pennines was also unreal… he used to be a teacher (maybe still is!) and a bunch of his students turned up to his set on the Introducing stage with a sign saying ‘Mr Szmierek’ — very cute! PLUS, Yard Act did a lovely secret set for us on the Introducing stage after they opened the Main Stage… opening with an unbelievably good cover of Mötorhead’s ‘Ace of Spades’. (click here before 2nd October to hear Yard Act’s secret set on BBC Music Introducing West Yorkshire)

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