Bop it!

Static Caravan

Written by: Rob Conlon
Photograph by: Alex Reeve
A photograph of the band Static Caravan, sitting in two rows like a five a side team

At the time of writing, Static Caravan are the only band we’ve ever seen sample a ‘Bop It!’ toy live on stage and hand biscuits out to their audience. Their last single, British Rail Class 170 Turbostar, is a certified motorik banger made on charity shop drum machines. They’ve followed that up with a new EP, The Marble Faun, and we caught up with frontman and Leeds fan Jack O’Connor ahead of their release show on November 15th at Wharf Chambers. If you can’t catch them then, they’re supporting Moni Jitchell at Mabgate Bleach on December 2nd. You won’t regret it, and you might even get a free biscuit.

(Photograph by Alex Reeve)

If Static Caravan was a Leeds player, past or present?

We’ve got a goofy/wildcard element to us that’s reminiscent of Alioski. However, given how slow a pace we do everything at, Weston McKennie is probably a more suitable choice.

Favourite Leeds goal and why?

Pablo’s goal sixteen seconds into the game against West Brom. I was late to the pub by two minutes so I actually missed it but it’s so electrifying that I feel like I saw it live. I still watch it back from time to time and get a bit giddy.

How are you feeling about the current season?

I don’t feel dread about football anymore, which is a nice relief. I’m almost getting suspicious of how well things are going. It’s easy to take the stability for granted given the chaos this summer but that’s testament to how good a manager Farke’s been. That said, we’ll probably lose to Plymouth and Rotherham now.

Can you recommend to our readers some of your favourite bands they might not have heard?

We don’t listen to the same music but our sound is a bit of a mash-up of Swirlies, The Go! Team, Disco Inferno & Bladee.

As far as local bands go, we’d recommend checking out Nape Neck, Holodrum & Coded Marking. We’d include DieKaiDie too but they’re from Manchester and that’s obviously a big no-no in The Square Ball.

If you had to spend a weekend in a static caravan with a Leeds player, past or present, who would it be?

It depends on the type of holiday. If it’s a family site with arcades, amusements, go-karts etc then I can imagine getting up to all sorts of daft behaviour with Rutter. If it’s just a caravan park with nothing to do, then I’m picking Berardi. You’d have some interesting chats with him and he’d cook a decent breakfast. Also, if anything kicked off then you’d feel pretty safe with him on your side.

(This post is free to read from The Square Ball magazine season 34 issue 3. Click here to read more) ⬢


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