Our seventh issue of 2020/21 would have come out for the visit of Liverpool, on Monday 19th April. If that game is anything like the 1991 version, it’ll be quite something. And Lee Chapman will score a hat-trick, which feels unlikely at this stage of his career, but then without Van Dijk, how would Liverpool stop him?

We’re still bringing it out for that game, but instead of getting it at the ground, you’ll have to buy it here, and we’ll post it out on the morning after the match.

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As always our eight times-nominated and two-times FSF Award winning fanzine (plus one for the podcast) includes lots of pages of articles and artwork about what used to be the pain but now is the glory of being a Leeds United supporter, for 100 long, long years.

This time we’ve got articles about Gaetano Berardi, grass, Dutch players, laughing at Derby County, laughing at Aston Villa, and loads more, including an interview with star striker of the early 1980s — until he decided he’d rather not — Aidan Butterworth.

Free-to-read in this issue is this article by Steven York, about our player of the year in waiting, Stuart Dallas.

We’re hopeful might get at least one attended game out of this league before we start worrying about second season syndrome, but it won’t be against Liverpool.

So we’re asking for your support to continue, buying the magazine online and pretending you handed some coins over to someone on the Lowfields.

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