An image of Alex Sabella looking great in the red and white stripes of Estudiantes

Alex Sabella Goes to War

It’s seven players against eleven, one goal against three. But Estudiantes have Alejandro Sabella on their team.

‘Actors in an Unforgettable Saga’

Richard Finn reads French, and he has read Le football selon Marcelo Bielsa, the book of life at Leeds by Salim Lamrani.

El Loco & Cholo

Bielsa is an inspiration to many, but not everyone is inspired the same.

Who’s checking on Marcelo?

The pandemic has caused so much trauma, it’s hard not to worry about Bielsa.

From R9 to R18

Raphinha was worth waiting for.

Take a Gem

Maybe Bielsa should learn English, once other managers learn to speak like Bielsa.

‘La Loca’ Rosario

Marcelo Bielsa looks at home in Leeds. But Rosario is his home, and Natxo’s, too.

The Art of Bielsa-ball

Radical, confrontational, revolutionary: how the art of 1960s Rosario is reflected in the art of Marcelo Bielsa’s football.